Retaining Wall Repair

Retaining walls are integral in holding the soil and also improving the curb appeal of your property. The secret is in ensuring that you have a professional contractor install the walls for you. Ideally, the walls should last for a very long time and require minimal maintenance.

However, due to normal wear and tear and other natural elements, you may find that part of the walls are cracking or falling apart. This is where we come in with our professional rock retaining wall and retaining wall repair Seattle services.

We are here to ensure that your walls look great at all time and last for years to come. Our great team of experts strive to provide our clients with the best services.

We are licensed and qualified in the construction and repairs of retaining walls. Each member of our company is highly trained and this is how we are able to deliver services that are top-notch.

Irrespective of the damage that your walls have suffered, our crews are in a position to restore them and make them as good as new. With our experience, we can handle any type of retaining wall repair that you may need.

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Signs That Your Retaining Wall Needs Repair

When you have a beautiful landscape with support retaining walls, you need to be sure that the wall is always intact. There are some signs that may indicate problems with retaining walls and this call for professional intervention. There so many signs to look out for and the main ones include:

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  • Retaining Walls Tilting or Collapsing

This is often a result of poor construction or soil erosion. If the footing toe of the retaining wall is too small, then this may spell out problems and needs to be fixed right away.

  • Cracks in the Wall

If proper drainage was not factored in when the retaining wall was being constructed, then this may lead to cracking. As the water seeps in, the soils will expand and ultimately this will affect your wall.

  • Retaining Walls Separating

This is also another issue that is as a result of poor construction of the retaining walls. When you hire inexperienced contractors, they may end up making walls that are not strong enough to withstand the weight. This will cause them to separate from the adjoining wall.

  • Retaining Walls Crumbling

There have been cases of retaining walls falling and this is also as a result of poor designing and construction. When a retaining wall is being constructed, it should be made in such a way that it will be able to handle the weight behind it.

Retaining Wall Repair Pros

If your retaining wall has collapsed or is showing any signs of cracking, you need to have it fixed. We are professional contractors and we specialize in retaining wall repair services. If you are looking for a contractor to help you with your retaining wall issues, you are in the right place. Contact us and we will take it up from there and restore your retaining wall while correcting any design and construction mistakes.